New Journal Enriches Kurdish Journals Landscape

7 05 2015

derwazeingilizi1The Kurdish Studies Network (KSN) is happy to announce the news of a new Kurdish journal dedicated to social sciences and humanities entitled DerwazeDerwaze: a Kurdish journal of social sciences and humanities is a refereed academic journal, published once a year and only in the Kurdish language. Derwaze aims to be a venue for the writing and translation of high-quality academic works in Kurdish in social sciences and humanities ranging from but not limited to sociology, philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, history, geography, religious studies, politics, anthropology, literary and cultural theory and criticism, education, linguistics, arts and archaeology. Derwaze aims to contribute to the production of a lasting academic scholarship in the Kurdish language; therefore, it particularly favours fundamental research. Another goal of the journal is to make research topics outside Kurdish Studies available in the Kurdish language and thus contribute to the normalisation of Kurdish as the medium of scientific and theoretical production.

In each issue, Derwaze will publish original research in the form of research articles, review articles, shorter notes of research and document presentation, and critical book reviews. Furthermore, each issue of Derwaze will include the Kurdish translation of two key texts in social sciences and humanities. A product of the joint collaboration of its editorial, academic, linguistic and translation boards, Derwaze is published by the Zan Institute for Social, Political and Economic Research based in Diyarbakir.

As KSN, we cordially congratulate  Derwaze‘s editorial board, and wish them numerous future issues.

For details and call for papers click here.




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