New Kurdish Studies Issue Out

6 05 2015

1234201_625109010844964_781824838_nThe Kurdish Studies Network (KSN) is happy to announce a new issue of the Kurdish Studies journal. The latest Kurdish Studies issue includes articles on literature and political sciences, as well as book reviews and an obituary.

Kurdish Studies  journal is an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality research and scholarship. Kurdish Studies journal was initiated by KSN members, and supported by a large group of academics from different disciplines. The journal aligns itself with KSN’s mission to revitalize and reorient research, scholarship and debates in the field of Kurdish Studies in a multidisciplinary fashion covering a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, economics, history, society, gender, minorities, politics, health, law, environment, language, media, culture, arts, and education.



Table of Contents Kurdish Studies Vol. 3, No. 1, 2015


Editorial (Welat Zeydanlioglu, Ibrahim Sirkeci

The challenges of writing Kurdish literary history: Representation, classification, periodisation, Farangis Ghaderi

The Ideological Transformation of the PKK regarding the political economy of the Kurdish Region in Turkey, Güllistan Yarkın

The “Palestinian Dream” in the Kurdish Kurdish context, Ahmet Hamdi Akkaya

The Kurds in the changing political map of the Middle East, Michael M. Gunter)

Review article: Alevis in Turkey, Esin Caliskan


Professor Mirella Galetti (1949-2012), Joyce Blau

Book reviews

Book reviews

All articles are freely accessible.

Welat Zeydanlıoğlu
Managing Editor
Kurdish Studies is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.
ISSN: 2051-4883 e-ISNN: 2051-4891



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