Kurd-Akad Science Award Nomination

9 08 2018

In 2017, Kurd-Akad awarded its first honorary prize for distinguished scientific contributions and outstanding commitment to civil society at its annual reception. Kurd-Akad now wants to supplement this with a science and young talent award. The award ceremony will take place at this year’s annual reception. The prize is intended for scientists, especially young Kurdish scientists, for their outstanding scientific work.

The nominated scientists may be of any nationality.  The persons nominated for the Young Academics Award should have obtained their Bachelor’s degree, those nominated for the Science Award should have at least two years of professional experience after completing their dissertation. A brief CV of the nominee and a statement of reasons should be sent by email to info@kurd-akad.com. Self-nominations are also welcome.

Deadline for nominations: SEPTEMBER 15, 2018.



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