New Issue of Kurdish Studies Out

1 06 2018

Kurdish Studies, Volume 6, Issue 1, May 2018 

Special Issue: Women and War in Kurdistan (open access)

Edited by Nazand Begikhani, Wendy Hamelink, Nerina Weiss

Martin van Bruinessen


Theorising women and war in Kurdistan: A feminist and critical perspective
Nazand Begikhani, Wendelmoet Hamelink, Nerina Weiss

The representation of post-conflict gender violence in Iraqi Kurdish novelistic discourse in Bahdinan
Lolav M. Hassan Alhamid

Reading and feeling gender in perpetrator graffiti and photography in Turkey
Beja Protner

Saving the survivors: Yezidi women, Islamic State and the German Admissions Programme
Thomas McGee

Building brand Kurdistan: Helly Luv, the gender of nationhood, and the War on Terror
Nick Glastonbury

Mother-activism before the European Court of Human Rights: Gender sensitivity towards Kurdish mothers and wives in enforced disappearance cases
Maja Davidovic

Book Reviews

Khanna Omarkhali, The Yezidi Religious Textual Tradition: From Oral to Written. Categories, Transmission, Scripturalisation and Canonisation of the Yezidi Oral Religious Texts, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2017.

— Reviewed by Martin van Bruinessen

Parvin Mahmoudveysi, Denise Bailey, Ludwig Paul, and Geoffrey Haig, The Gorani Language of Gawraǰū, a Village of West Iran: Texts, Grammar, and Lexicon, 2012, Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag, 2012.


Mahmoudveysi, Parvin, and Denise Bailey. The Gorani Language of Zarda, a Village of West Iran: Texts, Grammar, and Lexicon, Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag, 2013.

— Reviewed by Michiel Leezenberg

David Gaunt, Naures Atto, and Soner O. Barthoma, Let Them Not Return: Sayfo – The Genocide against the Assyrian, Syriac and Chaldean Christians in the Ottoman Empire, New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2017.

— Reviewed by Heleen Murre-van den Berg

Ahmed Fawaz, Opportunity, Identity, and Resources in Ethnic Mobilization: The Iraqi Kurds and the Abkhaz of Georgia, Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2017.

— Reviewed by Jacob A. Crusinberry

Michael M. Gunter (ed.), Kurdish Issues: Essays in Honor of Robert Olson, Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishing, 2016.

— Reviewed by Michiel Leezenberg



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