Call for Papers: 3rd Lalish Conference for Peace and Coexistence – Civic State Guarantees the Sustainable Peace

31 01 2017

auk-logo-copyThe Center for Peace and Human Security at the American University of Kurdistan in Duhok, the Women Peace Group and Emma Organization for Human Development will hold the 3rd Lalish Conference for Peace and Coexistence in April 25th and 26th, 2017 entitled “Civic State Guarantees the Sustainable Peace”. The 3rd Lalish Conference for Peace and Coexistence will be a two days conference. The ultimate objective of the conference is to endorse the principles of democracy, social justice and sustainable peace in the Middle East, through understanding genocide, self-determination of nations and affects of the war on women. These would only be guaranteed within the framework of the civic and democratic state.

Conference Themes

The conference papers will be presented in three panels:

Panel ONE:

Revisiting Genocide Experience: Recognition and Protection

The main objectives of this panel are: exchange the experiences of nations that faced genocide, documented the crimes and advocated to recognize it as a genocide internationally and getting international support for self determination. For this panel we invite papers and academic research on cases of genocide from different nations experienced genocide.

Panel TWO:

Self-determination is Vital for Sustainable Peace

This panel aims to discuss the right of self-determination of nations, as a guarantee to protect them from genocide and other threating to maintaining sustainable peace, through comparing between experiences of nations that are part of democratic communities and those are under pressure of dictatorship.

Panel THREE:

Effects of War on Women

The goal of this panel is focusing on the effects of ISIS war on the women that includes:

  • The condition of women and children that have being abused and sexually harassed by ISIS soldiers during war.
  • The women that have being forced to marry ISIS fighters.
  • The situation and rights of female headed families

Limited fund will be provided for transportation and accommodation

You can Submit your abstract to  or

Important Dates  
Call for Paper Announcement December 29th, 2016
Abstract Submission February 17th, 2016
Abstract Acceptance Announcement February 23rd, 2017
Full Paper Submission April 6th, 2017
Announcement of Preliminary Program April 18th, 2017
Announcement of Final Program April 25-26th, 2017



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