Symposium: The Kurds and New Political Projects

15 05 2016

13198578_10154211349869083_8885988453283224156_oAfro-Middle East Centre invites to the symposium entitled: The Kurds and New Political Projects, 18 May 2016, The Sheraton Pretoria Hotel

Following the US occupation of Iraq in 2003, and the eruption of the Middle East and North Africa uprisings in 2011, Kurds of the Middle East have been confronted with new realities that included civil war, revolutionary moments, deteriorating economies, promises of an end to their marginalisation, and even genocidal actions, resulting in the development of different political projects posited as ways to secure their rights. This symposium will examine the Kurdish experience, and consider the forms of these new political projects, as well as the potential of their success.




  • Judge Essa Moosa
  • Rosa Burc
  • Galip Dalay
  • Ethem Coban
  • Nick Rodrigo



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