Call for Papers: Identity and Independence of Nations between Historical Factors and Contemporary Conditions

2 02 2016

logo-4University of Sulaymani, Kurdistan Region, in collaboration with Chawder Enlightenment Center, sponsored by Mr. Mala Bakhtyar, is hosting its First International Conference on 15-16 of May 2016. Scholars and Researchers are welcomed to participate in the Conference by sending papers before 29 February 2016.

The papers must meet the following criteria and/or requirements:

 The papers should be around 4000 to 5000 words. Electronic files must be in Microsoft Word (Times new Roman, font size 14). A copy of your updated CV and a photograph must be attached to the paper.

The Themes of the Conference:

  •  The process of creating national and democratic states (e.g. Europe, America and Middle East cases).
  •  Nationhood, national belonging and national sentiments and awareness.
  •  Kurds and the question of national identity and statehood.
  •  Nation-state and national identity in the age of globalization.
  •  The inter-relation of nation-state and national identity with education, humanization and political morality.
  •  International laws and the right of statehood for national groups without state.
  •  Islam, Islamism and the question of nation-state and national groups.

The main aim of the Conference is to discuss the questions of nation-state, nationhood in the age of globalization from interdisciplinary perspectives taking the Kurdish national ambitions and projects as its primary focus.

Venue: University of Sulaimani – The new Campus- Raparin Way-Sulaimani -Kurdistn Region/Iraq .

Papers must be send to this email and, Mr. D.Taha Hammad Ameen can also be contacted on (+964) 770 195 2054. All the expenses (including the participants’ travel and accommodation costs, the costs for food, publications etc.) will be provided by the conference.



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