Kurdish Studies Summer School

15 10 2015

uollogoKurdish Studies Summer School – Kurdish Politics and Society: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives, 27-29 June 2016, University of Leicester 

Please join us at this three-day intensive summer school focusing on Kurdish politics and society. This is the first-ever Kurdish Studies Summer School and will bring together scholars, postgraduate students and community advocates. This summer school is designed to engage postgraduate students (Master and PhD), independent scholars, recent graduates in the field of Kurdish Studies as well as community advocates in the politics, society and culture of Kurds.

Key Information

Dates: Monday 27th June, Tuesday 28th June and Wednesday 29th June 2016
Place: University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Registration Fees: Early registration fee is £250; Registrations after 10th December 2015: £300
Registration fees cover tuition and venue costs.

Keynote lecturers

Confirmed keynote lecturers and panelists include:

Professor Christian Allison
Professor Hamit Bozarslan
Dr Necla Acik
Dr Kamran Matin
Dr Ipek Demir

Topics covered

The lectures and workshops will be organized in line with the lecturers’ area of expertise. They will be broadly in these areas:

Area 1: ‘Kurdish language, literature, popular culture and folklore in Kurdistan’

Area 2: ‘Coercion and Violence in Kurdistan and in the Middle East.’

Area 3: ‘International politics, modernisation, and the Kurdish question’

Area 4: ‘Gender and Kurdish Studies’

Area 5: ‘Kurdish Diaspora’


The format of each day is as follows:

1) Opening plenary/keynote lecture by at least one of the invited speakers above, outlining the main approaches and methods employed in their specific field (e.g. Kurdish diaspora).

2) 15 minute presentations by participants which are then followed by feedback from at least one keynote speaker. Group discussion and feedback.

3) Closing session with two student rapporteurs summing up key insights from the day and closing statements.

Evening Events

Film showing and Kurdish dance, depending on interest.

Kurdish Studies Summer School



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