New Book: Gender Equality and Development After Violent Conflict – The Kurdistan Region of Iraq

27 09 2015

9781137528810Katherine Ranharter

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

ISBN: 9781137528810 


The Kurdistan Region is at a unique point in its modern history. Isolation of the Kurds as an unheard minority is a thing of the past and the Region and its people are reaching new heights in international and internal recognition every day. As part of the ongoing transformation after conflict, the Region’s politicians have committed themselves to ensuring positive development for the entire population, including women, and to supporting the advancement of gender equality in their society. The author puts this assertion to the test by analysing the effects of gender-inclusive policies (or the lack thereof) deployed by the Kurdistan Regional Government in the areas of politics, the economy and education on the development of the Region and its people. The research builds not only on academic sources and policy material, but also on first-hand interviews with people in the Region.



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