Workshop: Dede Kargın War and the Ottoman-Kurdish Relations

1 09 2015

Mardin Artuklu University

March 2016, Mardin, Turkey

The Ottoman-Kurdish relations were mostly evaluated by scarce perspectives and within the framework of chosen historical developments because of the influences of ideological approachs. Therefore, some historical facts, which can be seen as significant milestones of Ottoman-Kurdish relations, were ignored. One of the important examples for this case is the Dede Kargın War and the developments after its occurance. Our workshop, which is related to a disregarded war and developments of its aftermath, and almost totally ignored by the specialists, both will fill a gap in the historical field and at the same time will assist us to evaluate the current related cases in a correct manner.

This workshop at its core will shed light on the Ottoman-Kurdish alliances against the Safavids in 1514-1515; the most explicit sign of these relations, Dede Kargın War; and the Kurdish Emirates, which were considered to stay in power until the second part of the 19thcentury, within the framework of the Ottoman-Kurdish relations. The intention of this workshop is to go beyond  the modern ideological cliches about the political alliances of the region, and to question these relations based on the first-hand resources. In this respect, the outcomes of this workshop are expected to contribute identification of the historical facts of the region in a well-grounded manner.

The participants of this workshop will be requested to have preferably a first-hand based research on the Ottoman-Kurdish relations primarily during the period of Sultan Selim I.

The current decided date for the workshop is March 2016. Details will soon be at offer. Any suggestions and contributions to the workshop before its program is announced will be welcomed.

(This workshop is supported by the Coordination Unit of Scientific Research Project(BAP) at Mardin Artuklu University.)


Dr. İbrahim Özcoşar

Erdal Çiftçi

M.Rezan Ekinci

Remzi Avcı



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