Conference: Istanbul Human Security Conference

8 07 2015

CTPSR_IHSCThe Role of Non-State Actors in Building Human Security: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead will be taking place on: 20-21 October 2015.

As a close collaboration between the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR) at Coventry University, the United Nations Human Security Unit and Kadir Has University in Istanbul, the conference will be hosted by Kadir Has University in Istanbul. Panel sessions address four conference themes  in innovative and interactive formats to engage both the academic and practitioner communities.


This theme aims to reflect and explore effective strategies of incorporating non-state actors into development visions.   Where do development and heightening human security projects intersect? What are the tensions between non-state actors, human security and development?


Humanitarian aid is part of the efforts to ensure human security. This theme aims to explore the role of humanitarian aid agencies within the human security context. What is the role of humanitarian aid in human security? How can humanitarian aid agencies heighten human security? Can humanitarian aid agencies contribute to human insecurity?


Natural disasters are increasing in number and scale. This theme aims to explore the mechanisms that can enhance the involvement of non-state actors in heightening human security and lessening the threats to it. How can states cooperate with non-state actors in disaster management? How can we increase the effectiveness of donors, international organizations or local or transnational NGOs?


Peacebuilding plays a fundamental role in increasing human security in post-conflict societies. This theme aims to explore the ways in which non-state actors take part in such efforts. How do policy makers react to the involvement of non-state actors in peacebuilding efforts? What are the challenges and benefits of getting non-state actors such as civil society organizations, international organizations or transnational networks involved in peacebuilding? In which ways do they act differently then state-linked actors?

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