Conference: VII. Mesopotamian Medicine Congress

28 05 2015

bannerThe convenors of the Mesopotomian Medicine Congress are organising the 7th Mesopotamian Medical Congress, which was previously held in Mardin Artuklu University with the participation of dentists and pharmacists, in Van on 4-6 June 2015.

“By doing so, we are also contributing to realize the dreams of “a few good people” who have faced with many difficulties and sacrificed themselves to conduct such a medical congress in the most important geography of the civilization.  Mesopotamia Medical Congress tradition has been carried out with growing scientific care and broad participation- we aimed to take this tradition a step further.

We would like to perform this congress at a scientific ground and social standards owned by other similar international medical congresses. Unquestionably, scientific, linguistic and social benefits of all participants are a fundamental goal of our congress. The Congress’s scientific and social program is going to be formed by expert committees and also with participants’ interactive effort and work. Likely Van city takes many visitors from neighboring countries and cities due to the location and its rich historical-cultural memory. We are expecting high level participation at our congress and also great numbers of visitors from neighboring country Iran generally prefer visiting Van during this date. In order to prevent possible problems of accommodation and to benefit from advantage of early booking and registration, it is important for our precious participants to make early booking and registration.

The Saltur Company will organize congress with higher sensitivity more than a professional and commercial understanding. The SALTUR Company‘s officials who have amateur spirit but professional diligence, will help our respected participants. The Congress website is presently online. All contact information about the Congress, announcements, briefings, posters and presentations, accommodation and registration procedures will be made via the web page. As we are on the early preparation stage on these days, your contribution, support advice and guidance are of great importance.”

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