New Book Out: Arab Spring and the Kurds – The Paradox of Turkish Foreign Policy

7 12 2014

UnknownHalhalli Bekir

Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014

ISBN:  9783659633133

The main purpose of this study tackles the Kurdish question on Turkish Foreign Policy due to external and domestic challenges under the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government. By doing this, it explores what aspects/consequences of Turkish Foreign Policy have been affected by the Kurdish question. In this context, as title makes sense of importance of this study is to explore and analyse the Kurdish policy of the AKP government and its impacts on Turkish Foreign Policy in last decade. In this way, this study will deal with both the Kurdish policy of the AKP government and historical development process of the Kurdish movement in the Middle East. Further to this, it discusses the drastic changes of the Turkish Foreign Policy in the Middle East focusing on the Kurdish political movement and provides coverage of the contemporary foreign policy strategies and debates on the Kurdish issue which has emerged as a result of the popular uprisings’ process.

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