Call for Paper: “Kurdish Migration”

8 11 2014


The Turkish Migration Conference 2015  (25-27 June 2015, Prague) invites authors, researchers, and students of migration and literature to a special session focusing on Kurdish Migration. The special session is convened by Dr. Welat Zeydanlioglu, Dr. Joost Jongerden, Dr. Bahar Baser, and  Dr. Kevin Smets.

Abstract submission deadline : 12 January 2015

The convenors particularly encourage comparative and interdisciplinary papers focusing on the following issues, with regards to Kurds, Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora, though submissions on any relevant area of interest are welcome: (a) Kurdish migration, crossings, zones, (b) displacement, asylum and Kurdish migration, (c) borders, regions and languages, (d) nationalism, ethnicity and migration, (e) checkpoints, minefields and militarized geographies, (f) Kurdish migration and cross- fertilization, (g) state boundaries and sovereignty, (h) gender and Kurdish migration, (i) Kurdish migration and identity, (j) education and Kurdish migration, (k) Kurdish arts, literature and migration, (l) statelessness, mobility and conflict, (m) trade and mobility, (n) Kurdish migration, sexuality and health, (o) Kurdish migration and the environment.

Turkish Migration Conference 2015 is an international research event dedicated to the study of migration to, from, in and through Turkey covering a wide range of multidisciplinary areas including dynamics and patterns of human mobility, legal and regulatory frameworks, labour market outcomes, education and human capital, brain drain and brain circulation, short term migrations, migrant integration, diasporas, culture, media and politics, health and well-being of migrants, internal and international migration nexus, migrant experiences, the cost of migration, legal frameworks, conflicts, non-movers and attitudes and policies towards migration and migrants. The theme for this years, conference is set as “Economics, Identities, and Geographies” to reflect the multifaceted and multidisciplinary nature and scope of the field.

Turkish Migration Conference 2015 brings together practitioners, academics, and students from a broad range of disciplines including anthropology, demography, economics, law, psychology, sociology, development studies, health sciences, political science, international relations, media and communications, and other cognate disciplines with a focus on human mobility from Turkey, in Turkey and to Turkey. Inter-disciplinary research and comparative perspectives are particularly encouraged. Turkish Migration Conference features invited talks, parallel and special sessions, workshops, and policy sessions where practitioners, politicians and media representatives will discuss Turkish migration. There are opportunities for side-meetings and social activities.



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