Press release: Ismail Beşikçi foundation established

7 01 2012

After nearly a year since we as a group of intellectuals and businessmen began organising a foundation in honour of Ismail Besikci, that our labour gave fruit with the Official Gazette date issued 29 November 2011 alongside the registration statement from the General Directory of Foundations.

Our prime goal is to pass the conscience of humanity, honour of science Ismail Beşikçi’s legacy to next generations to make them know his proud and determined stance on the side of democracy and peoples through this foundation.

In a world where humanistic, scientific, cultural and ethic codes are degenerated, concepts of law, justice, democracy, human rights are denied and such demands are silenced by the official ideology through its administrative and punitive sanctions, ethic and religious values are abused for the State’s benefit, money is worshipped as a god and to whom people are sacrificed; we hold such profound responsibilities of sharing his thoughts with the World and conveying his works to next generations

As Ismail Besikci Foundation we aim to cherish Ismail beşikçi’s name, thoughts, works and legacy through conducting researches in scientific, social and cultural fields, founding archives, documentation and culture centres, institutes and a museum. ― Likewise, we hope to organise contests in a variety of fields to give Ismail Besikci awards and carry out media and publishing activities.

In the process of organising the foundation we established Ismail Besikci Research Library as well. This rich, wide-ranging library is Ismail Besikci’s collection of books, magazines and newspapers which he laboriously accumulated throughout the last 60 years. The library will soon be ready to serve students and researchers.

We are sure that the establishment of this foundation will stir excitement among all those who recognise Ismail Besikci as a value and believe that science and art cause social progress. We call upon everybody who supports scientific, cultural progress in new social horizons and experiences to aid and become volunteers for Ismail Besikci Foundation.


Board of Trustees        Board of Directors

İsmail Beşikçi                    Ismail Beşikçi – Director

İbrahim Gürbüz                 İbrahim Gürbüz – Deputy Director

İshak Tepe                        İshak Tepe – Accountant

Talat İnanç                        Ruşen Arslan – Member

Abdullah Baran                  Ahmet Önal – Member


Address: İsmail Beşikci Vakfı

Kuloğlu Mah. Ayhan Işık Sok.

No : 21/1 Beyoğlu/İstanbul



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